Seperate remote access seperate screen


I have a rpi 2 running raspbian with pixel. I have a display connected to it. When i use remote access to connect to it i get a different screen on my phone then on the display. I have the arduino ide installed using the display and it showsvon the desktop. But this doesnt show up on my phone when i remote access it. Do i have to change settings for this?


No you need to change settings make sure to check arduino IDE serial terminal to check for connection with server.


The problem isnt in the arduino ide. The problem is that i get a different screen on my phone then i get on my monitor. But when i reboot the pi from the re remote access the it does reboot


This is what i see on my phone.

but this is what i see on the monitor.

When i use the remote access i cant open a browser on the pi. But if i use a keyboard and mouse on the pi and the monitor the brouwser does work.