Widgets have disappeared

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Left my project to run non stop for a week now and checked back and found all my widget had disappeared. Schedule and triggers appear unaffected.

Is the server cloud under maintenance or having a failure?

Hey @wmontg5988,

There should not have been any maintenance that would affect your dashboard like that…Can you try to reset your dashboard and let us know if that populates the widgets again?


I reset and that had no effect on the browser, I now have more than 50 DS18B20 sensors listed on the list of sensors. My 6 original sensors reappeared on iOS but do not function. 3 out of 4 buttons reappeared on iOS and function. I re-added the other button that is controlled by a schedule and now I get 2 text message notifications. The t
2 voltage widgets (never read over 0) have not returned either. His is the 2nd time this has happened and I had to start over. It’s almost as though the project is not saving properly.

We’re investigating some issues with DS18B20 ( @rsiegel ). Did these issues occur after performing some action on the DS18B20 sensors from mobile device? Like deleting or editing the DS18B20 widget?


I left everything as is and was running an endurance test of reliability before employing it on my solar panels. I made no changes, the 50 or so sensors just appeared and when I reset the dashboard everything vanished.

@wmontg5988 do you mind sharing your login credentials via PM on the forum so our engineering team can have a first-hand look at your widget duplication, to try to get to the bottom of this?