Server error

My raspberry pi isn’t connecting with android app it shows server error .it works normal in web browser .i cleared app data and force stop it works for some days .but it doesn’t working now i have done for more than 50 time’s still it show’s server error.
So please help me to resolve the problem
Thanking you please answer quick as possible

Hi @sugumarvidyasagar, welcome to the Cayenne Community,

Apologies for the trouble here. It is a known issue caused my a server change we made in February – we’re planning an updated Android release to fix this issue on Monday March 6. I’ll be sure to update you, and this thread, as soon as we have a fix live in the Google Play Store.

I got today anerror loading message on my android. Reinstalling the app made it work one time.
A second try gave an error loading your data again.

How to cope with this?

Thank you for helping. Now i am working with arduino project with Ethernet
shield ws100 .it works well and connect to internet as well and I have
controlled LEDs then after two days it does not connecting to internet.
Then i reprogrammed More times arduino then it does not working
Help me to solve the problem
Help me soon as possible
You said the app update available in monday till now it does not show
update please in from wen update available
Thanking you


The related Android issues with:

  • ‘Error Loading’ error message
  • ‘Server Error’ error message
  • Arduino dashboard showing blank on Android (no widgets)

should all be resolved now with an update made on our server side! :fireworks:

Please note that a new Android release was not necessary to fix this bug, so the latest build is still 1.2.7 at the time of this post. You should see improved behavior immediately when using the Cayenne Android app, but you may want to Force Stop → Clear Data → re-login one final time before trying to ensure a clean slate.

I’m going to move this topic to ‘Resolved’, but by all means we’d like your feedback if this fix did or didn’t work to resolve these issues for you, so feel free to keep posting here. If you have a new issue, or one unrelated to the bullet list I made above, I encourage you to create a new thread so your issue isn’t lost in all of the posts about this previous issue.

i have an another problem in my raspberry pi. I use remote desktop in
Cayenne dashboard. then now the it does not working it show’s desktop not
responding it does not also working in desktop dashboard. please help me to
solve this problem . I have added the screen shot with it
Thanking you
please answer as soon

Hi @sugumarvidyasagar,

This one is a known issue that’s been around for some months now since Raspbian made an update to their OS that broke our remote access implementation. We do have a fix for this in test and expect it will be released soon.

In the meantime, if you need a graphical remote desktop into your Pi, check out this official documentation from the Raspberry Pi foundation on how you can set this up outside of Cayenne.

If you just need command line access, good old SSH is your friend. :slight_smile:

The same server error happening i am very disappointed with this app . And
my arduino w5100 Ethernet shield does not connecting to the server it
show’s fails to connect the server in serial monitor of arduino .
Please help me to solve the full problem with the full
explanation why it is happening
Thanking you

HI @sugumarvidyasagar,

As far as the ‘Server Error’ issue, I want to confirm that you’ve run Force Stop → Clear Data for the Cayenne app in the Android application manager at least once after March 8th. Since the error was fixed by a server side change rather than a new Android build, this was necessary to ensure the app in a good state. You should not have to do it more than once now that the fix is in place.

If you’d already done this, and got the ‘Server Error’ messaging after March 8, then it could be displaying that error for a different reason than the one we fixed. If this is the case, I’d like to see if you would share your account login/password via private message so I can reproduce the error on our test Android devices. You can reset your password with this form before sharing if you’d like.

As far as the Arduino, can you post the output that you’re seeing in the Serial Monitor so we can look for clues?

My email Id is

and i asked about the arduino w5100
Connecting error please rectifie this problem
Thanking you

Hi @sugumarvidyasagar,

I just wanted to let you know that we can reproduce the issue with your Android device on our android devices as well, I’m investigating right now with our Android dev the root cause.

As far as Arduino, can you post the output from your Arduino IDE serial monitor so I can see the error messaging in context?

After working with the developer, we think it’s related to the BMP180 widget on the Pi on your account. What I’d try is deleting that widget via the Cayenne web dashboard, then refreshing your Android app (close and re-open it to ensure a refresh). If you see all of your devices OK, try to add back in the BMP180 widget.

I had the same problem that “@sugumarvidyasagar” exposed on Mar 19, That is “server error” at the bottom of the Android App screen.
Following the instructions Mr. “rsiegel” gave yestarday 21/03/17… IT WORKS !!! It seems to confirm the problem is related with BMP 180 widget on the pi (Zero w in my case).
Thank you very much !!!

Yes it is the bpm180 widget problem when I remove the widget the problem
is solved
Thanks for helping

Thanks for the updates, both. While we can’t reproduce this just yet in house (we have Pis with BMP180 widgets that display OK in the Android app), it looks like our developer sees the error in the packet being sent to the app and will be able to fix it regardless.

Because the BMP+Pi+Android combo doesn’t error in every condition, if you need this sensor you may want to try re-adding it to your dashboard, it’s possible the you won’t see the error the 2nd time.

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Thanking you

I dont think its a good ides to post your login information in a public forum…

I have problem in connecting arduino w5100 shield it show’s serial monitor
dhcp server error. And
Please help me to solve this problem as quick as possible
Thank you

The arduino ide show the dhcp failed in w5100 Ethernet shield so please help me to solve this problem


Can you share the sketch you’re using so we can verify? You can delete the private token when posting it, we don’t need to see that.