Service down?

Is the service offline? I Can see my dashboard but cant contact the device and no offline warning
Seems to have dropped out about 15min ago (6:45pm Australian Central Daylight Saving time)

Hi @tim2,

Looking into this now…will update you.


Your device was an Arduino?


Yes Arduino. Still seems to be uncontactable

What does your serial output say? Everything seems to be working good on server side of our end…


I wont be near device for an hour or so. I’ll advise what i find!

Thank you sir! Keep us updated.


All looked normal apart from a single ? as the last line in the serial output

I noticed that the community server went down abvout 3 hours ago- couldn’t get hte HTML page. It’s peachy now, though

I think we had two issues some sort of outage at a service level but then my device locked up and wouldn’t recover. Added some code to try and work out why. I am running at nearly maximum code space on my Leonardo based board.

I’ve been having issues too.

iPhone iOS 10.0.2

Raspberry Pi zero

My devices show up but I can not connect to them. If I delete them and scan again I can use them for a while. But at some point I no longer can connect.

…and my IoT toilet won’t flush!


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-are you part of the Cayenne “team”?

Hahaha…we…the community…or reffering to myself “me, myself and I”

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