Lost communication with all my devices

1:07AM Pacific time I first noticed,
It’s now 2:45 AM

I lost control of all my devices.
I’m using both the HTML as well as the Cayenne Android app-

- Cayenne webpage unresponsive, will not load.

The Android app simply says “Cannot connect to remote device” in a red box at the bottom.

What happened? Server go down?!

Is it my body odor {sniff sniff} I just showered last month…
Was it something I said?
Bad kharma?
Is it an ethnic thing?
All my electronics blew up at the same time?

I hard reset everything- no joy.

AI takeover?

Have you tried rebooting your system? :stuck_out_tongue: , ye you did.

Mine is working fine, hope yours come back soon.

Of course I did, silly

It’s down for me as well. The Cayenne team is looking in to it.

@adam @HighTech

Thanks for letting us know, we believe the server issue on our side that caused this is resolved. Can you confirm if you’re seeing communication with your Arduino devices now?

It’s back up for me now

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Glad to hear it, thanks for the update and apologies for the temporary downtime there. I’m marking this as resolved but by all means HighTech, let us know if you’re not seeing the same.

We have different servers for Arduino and Raspberry Pi, and as far as I know only the Arduino one had this issue.