SHARE can a project with more account diferent thanks


Hello everyone, I ask information, and can SHARE a single project with more account Cayenne diferent thanks


sure, ya can! :slight_smile:
-use a better translator, though.


:blush: There is a manual to figure out how I can share
thank you


example I have 3 projects in my account, I want to share one of these with another Cayenne user. as a step to do?
I used the translator to my recommended. :grin:


Right now there is no way to share a dashboard. It is on the road map but at a lower priority than most of the other things currently being worked on.


ok thanks for your answer, and congratulations to the staff of Cayenne
I can say only really easy and free service :joy:


-what about just logging into the dashboard URL from another 'puter??


That is an option but you have to share your username/password to do that, not exactly ideal.