Sharing value of device 1 into device 2

hi, any body know How can I send a value of a data from one device to another device
for example from esp8266(device1) to another esp8266(device2). sensor 1 is attach to device 1 and lcd is attach to device 2.
i have to receive value of temp in device2 from device 1 and displaying in lcd that attach to device 2.

i am also facing this issue i need to send data of my website clashoflightsworld

You could do a query from the second device, although the mqtt subscription for all updates is probably better.


@jameszahary maybe he wants to do it more easy way by just using cayenne Arduino MQTT library. we will look into this whether we can add this feature of sending data from one device to another.


Good morning, the first thing that is appreciated all the work and effort made. Is there already a simple solution to share data between two nodes?

not yet, but you can use the above method or if you are familiar with node-red then you can use it.

Did you manage to add a function?

@gtf-crimea which function are you referring to?

Thank you very much for your help. I’m not very familiar with Node Red, but I’m going to try. It would be a good future option that could be added, for example with an if-then trigger that will copy the value of device 1 in device 2 and run every time it changes.

to get started have a look at this awesome tutorial by @adam on node-red with cayenne. Using Node-RED as a Local Fallback Server

I also need this function. For example, there are two ESP8266 in the project, the first is connected to the sensors and send data using Cayenne.virtualWrite(0, humidity);
Cayenne.celsiusWrite(1, temperature);,and the second is connected to the display and receives the same data using CAYENNE_IN (0) { humidToDisp = getValue.asInt();
CAYENNE_IN (1) { tempToDisp = getValue.asInt();

there is no function yet that can do it.

As Shramik mentioned you can do this using my node-red post.

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