Simple web instructions to switch relay on and off

Hi there,
I’m a newly without much programming experience and would be grateful if anyone can help.
Im looking for a simple web instruction (link) that would provide instructions to switch a relay on and off which I already have in my dashboard.

Is there a simple instruction that can be provided (clearly integrated my device credentials)?

Many thanks in advance.

What device do you use?

Wemos D1 esp8266

@jonathan this will help you get started with cayenne onwemos D1 Adding a New Device using MQTT

Many thanks for this. Sorry, I dont think I was sufficiently clear.

I already have a functioning relay connected to the Cayenne portal.
What I’d like is a simple web address/instruction which when put into the browser will a) Switch on and b) switch off the relay without going through the Cayenne portal.
Can anyone help on this?

there is a cool sharing feature of cayenne which might solve what you are trying and is much more user friendly.
on your dashboard click on “+” to create a new project. add all the widgets you want to this project dashboard.
next will on sharing and open the link in a new tab. this will allow you to share your project with anyone and interact with it.

That’s great @shramik_salgaonkar , but my dream and prehaps @jonathan get the same is :

  • if i clic on a link generate by the “Actuator Widget” , for exemple :

  • => it power ON/OFF the LED (or other thing) on the Device :star_struck:

This would be usefull to integrate link in Web site, or Web Apps, or others applications.

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