Slider Issue

I am trying to control a LED with a slider. I can turn it on and off, but it turns on as soon as it is moved from zero/min. I am trying to get it so it turns on when it is over the half way point and off below it. As it is it only turns off when at the lowest.

Any ideas?

Can you give more information about the hardware you use and post some code?

I am using a Mega 2650 connected to a Mac via USB and cayenne is on a iOS. I do not have any code except the sketch I loaded to control IO pins using the widgets and triggers. I am trying to use the slider as a widget that operates at a fixed level. As it is it only acts as a switch, with 0 being OFF and anything above that is ON. But I don’t want it to turn on until it gets to the set midpoint. When setting up the trigger I can’t get it to keep the ‘STEP’ attribute.