Slider widget step value and run after reboot


I have a problem:
i was create a slider widget 0-5 and give step value 1. In the desktop i can step correctly, but in the phone i cant step with integer (i can give for example 1,73, not just 1 or 2).
The other problem, if i unpowered the board or the internet connection is lost and reboot, then in the dashboard remember the value, but they dont send it (i control my fan with cayenne and is reboot or lost the connection, the value is same in the dasboard, but the fan doesnt run).

Pls fix this.


Looks like I’m having issues with the slider steps on my android phone too. I set the min (1), max (5), and step (1) but on the slider I only get 0.1-1 at 0.2 intervals

there is a bug with slider right now.

you can store value in EEPROM and on reboot write the value to fan and dashboard.

How can i store it? Can you help it?


have a look at this ESP8266 : using syncAll() function - #6 by spacefolder