Slider Bug in Dashboard

In a working project i deleted a slider that was sending a value to a virtual pin that was working just fine to test something.
I recreated the slider with the same settings (custom range 0-500) and the slider displays the value correctly while adjusting it but then reverts to value*1023 when released…also cant remove decimal point from displayed value now.
Works fine in mobile app!

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Anyone? @bestes?

Hi @tim2, sorry this didn’t get a quicker answer.

There is an open bug that we’re aware of where slider widgets are reverting values, it was introduced in late February. Perhaps it didn’t affect existing widgets, this could be why you didn’t see it until delete > recreate.

The positive news is that I can see in our bug DB that this is already fixed and in test right now, so it shouldn’t be too long before we see a resolution. I’ve added a note to update this thread at that time.

Sorry for late reply Tim! This is a bug that was just fixed actually. It
will be fixed during our next release :slight_smile:

Benny Estes | Product Manager

Thanks @rsiegel @bestes :slight_smile: