Software to create breadboard, Raspberry Pi tutorials

What software did Cayenne use to write their tutorials such as this one Tutorial - Cayenne - myDevices

I’m currently looking to create my own tutorials and really like those diagrams.

If anyone else has any other suggestions let me know.

Thanks for the nice words about the turorial diagrams :slight_smile:

@bmeriwether will be pleased to hear about them and should know more about what went into their creation.

Fritzing is one option that creates such diagrams. I’ve also used it to create the files for custom circuit boards.

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Yes, check out Fritzing. It’s a great piece of software for wiring diagrams.

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I use Fritzing too, pretty easy to use.

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Just tried it. It’s exactly what I am looking for. Thanks a bunch!


And if you’re inclined to make any small-quantity custom circuit boards, I’ve used both and OshPark, and I’d highly recommend both. I’ve only submitted my own design with OshPark, but I’ve ordered a shared design from and both turned out great.

For reference, OshPark’s pricing is/was $5 per square inch for THREE copies of your board, including through-plated holes, solder mask, silk screen labels, gold-plated contacts, custom shapes, everything. No setup fees, no shipping charges; you submit your files online and the boards arrive in the mail between 1-2 weeks later.

(Note: I don’t think Fritzing has a way to create custom board shapes; only rectangles)