Some sort of IMPORT feature


Is there a possibility to implement some sort of import function? When somebody sets up account, he/she can import script that would allow to create and set-up widgets.

This cross my mind as sort of automation for me, as I have a plan to set-up whole array of devices at home, arrays of identical devices (eg. 8-10 ESP’s with DHT22, 10-15 single relay ESP’s etc.), with same hardware and software layout, but it is pain in the rear end to do so all by hand. Script would be nice way to “upload” everything straight to previously set device (in script should be some token field, or script should be imported on Device level). Web is nice, but it requires a lot of clicking - it’s OK for new development, but IMHO, it is too much clicks for setting up even with two or three identical devices.

Is this possible, and does it even sound OK to you?


Hi @vedran.musica,

I remember this has been brought up once before. I like the idea a lot. I just don’t know how many people have similar situation where they have need to setup multiple identical devices. Certainly, though is a good feature for our ‘power’ Cayenne users like you. Let me take this to design team and see what they say…we may be able to do something that can easily allow this. For sure would need to upload separate code w/ unique auth token per device.

Thank you for submitting this idea!


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Bringing this up :slight_smile:

Idea: make import of TXT or CSV files, maybe with data like this:
token ; widget_type ; widget_name ; widget_connection ; widget_pin
ABCDXYZ ; button ; Button One ; virtual ; V1

Just a suggestion :slight_smile:

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