Create a single widget for many devices


Forgive me if this feature already existis, but I couldn´t find it.

Assuming that my device sends to Cayenne (in this case via LoRaWAN) every 5 minutes the power consumption of a certain utility. I have several devices sending data.

How can I create a single widget which represents the sum of all the other power widgets from every device, so I can export that data too?



Hi @trodrigues,

Can you sum the values after receiving data from Cayenne? In other words, sum the values after the data export? I have not seen this use case come up before, so please elaborate so I can better understand!


On the flipside, depending on the device (if it is a device that allows you to execute your own code/configure the payloads) you could total the values before sending to Cayenne and then display that in widget with no issues.


Suppose that I have 4 different devices, that are power meters sending data to Cayenne.

The image below is not real, I created it only to show the idea.

So each of the controllers are saying that the device consumption is 10W.

It would be nice to have a 5th widget (Gauge or Line Chart), not attached to any device, which shows the total power consumption (sum of all 4 devices).

Do you think this is feasible?


Yes, I design the firmware, so I can create a data buffer and send everything at regular intervals, but this would be the data from a single device only… my ideia is to sum the data from many other devices.

Thank you for the screen shots and for explaining the use case! I definitely see the value here. We’ll get this on the roadmap.