Sparkfun ESP8266 Thing Dev Button


As hinted at in the title, I’m struggling with adding a custom widget button for my dev board. My end goal is to store a digital value from the button for later use in my code (lets say its for a relay). I realize with the Sparkfun board I am unable to use the existing relay widget, because it has something to do with MQTT. I also know that the relay widget is just a rebranded, configured Custom-Widget-Button.

So my question really is: How do I properly set up the Custom-Widget-Button both in my IDE code, and in the Cayenne interface?

I have only managed to get as far as step 1: Code in the Cayenne add widget interface. I have not been able to successfully compile the code it told me to upload to my Sparkfun board, because there is no cayenneMQTTClient.h library. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



follow steps from here Adding a New Device using MQTT


Thanks for your help.

My problem is that I am not able to click the Add Widget button. It remains gray and unclickable. The only clickable option after configuring the button as shown in the tutorial is the Step 1: Sketch File. This doesn’t work because, as described above, the library cayenneMQTTClient.h is nonexistent.


ive had the same problem, ill be watching this with interest


if you follow all the steps from this post there wont be any error.


Yes, you are right. The issue was that in order for the Add Widget Button to become clickable, you needed to select an icon. I origionally left the icon set to “Choose Icon”, so it wasnt letting me add the widget.

Thanks for your help, I’ll mark this thread as solved.