Esp8266 cannot add button

I have been battling this issue for the past 2 days so i thought i’d seek some help. I have a raspberry pi and an esp8266 on my cayenne dashboard however, I have so far not been able to add an actuator button to turn on a simple led. When i click on the drop down to select the device, only my raspberry pi shows up. yet on the side, it shows that my esp8266 is connected and online.

@aotrakstar you must be using MQTT to connect to cayenne. for MQTT you must use custom button widget and then in dropdown you will see your esp8266 device

You have to fill out all in Widget. Channel,name,…
Then is the Button Green to create
Its tricky i know, i Tryed 4 days

ok i have followed ya’ll instructions and i found my esp8266. But do i need to upload the button widget sketch unto the esp8266 to control the led?

The Widget is an Example dont take this Sketch !

Just create Widget !

you have to create Cayenne in or out in your Own Sketch on your ESP.

Have a Look on My Sketch with the Christmas Lights.

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