SSH for Remote Access



I do find the vnc "remote access integration useful, it would also be great if the same type of facility could be created for ssh connections. I’m nearly positive I have seen html5 based terminal emulators so I wouldn’t think it would be too difficult. I envision when you click on “remote access”, you would be presented with a choice of either vnc or ssh. I currently use hamachi to allow me to connect to remote devices behind firewalls, but after playing with Cayenne for a day, I think your solution could work well for managing my remote IOT Pi’s as well. I have about 20 Pi’s in the wild currently.


I would love to see what you have some of those Pi’s doing out in the wild.

Welcome to the group.



I like this! Let us know if you can suggest emulators from your own experiences.



The only one i have used before is:
But I do know there is a large number out there: