Temperature Graph Bug

I am using a raspberry pi 1 and I am also using the windows dashboard. The temperature graph is in fahrenheit and when I change it to celsius and click save, nothing happens and I have to close the settings and it still stays in fahrenheit.

Same here
I think they are working on this at the moment…
How is the phone ap etc ?
~ Andrew

The phone app works well and displays the correct units.

Noted thanks…
I just went in and changed the F > C and Dial > Plot and coming back to browser is is what I am after. Still can not change things at the moment but good for now until the Browser bug is fixed.
Seems reasonably responsive at the moment.
Phone AP is nice :slight_smile:
~ Andrew

Pushing things a bit harder…
I now have 4x Pi on test in one screen it almost completely stalls (I can understand this but just FYI anyone… If I turn two off and log out and back in it is back to ‘acceptable’ performance
~ A