Bug Filed on 06-20-2016: Temperature value CPU

How do you change the value to Celsius instead of Fahrenheit ?

It’s a bug that is being worked on.

Thanks for reporting this, it will be fixed. Changing to a bug / issue.



When can we expect the update that fixes this? Today the Fagrenheit value is mostly irrelevant for me living in Europe. :slight_smile:


@gravax Yes, sorry about this. Expect fix in 1 - 2 weeks :slight_smile:

@marthinus.swanepoel @gravax

We’ve added Celsius (and Kelvin) as options to the Raspberry Pi CPU
Temperature widget in the latest version of the app (1.2.1). Please
update through the Play Store, and if you’re happy with this change,
we’d love if you could write us a brief app review on the Play Store!