Temperature widget data type change problem

Initial widget creation variables:
Widget: Custom
Type: Value
I/O: Virtual
Data: Temperature
Units: Fahrenheit

When I try to set on same widget units to Celsius, it keeps Fahrenheit units, and doesn’t save Celsius.
If I create same widget with Celsius as starting unit, it is possible to change to Fahrenheit units…

Can you specify the device and operating system, so for the team to be easy to catch the bug :slight_smile:

Thank you

Device: Wemos D1 Mini AKA ESP8266
OS: Arduino (so to say)

But I found out that it’s something connected to page display: page refresh after re-setting SOMETIMES helps. But not always. It could be related to page caching. As I can see, page has some kind of AJAX included, and I guess it is related to that. But it’s just a guess…

What browser you use? :slight_smile:

Google Chrome. Tried to empty my cache, but didn’t help.