Cannot set apps tempearure in celsius, It change everytime with fahrenheit

Rapberry pi 2b temperature sensor DS18B20 connectet to GPIO
on android app I set the temperature in celsius and the next access they are back to fahrenheit again.
How can I fix them?


The same thing happens in web dashboard, I set all the widget in celsius and it nex access change them to fahrenheit again. How can I set in celsius as standard?

When changing the unit is Raspberry Pi online?

Yes the unit raspberry is online. I set up the widget in the correct way and next access generally I lost all my personalization with temperature but often also the type of widget choose before also in other widget as switch A

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Yes I upload data in Celsius say the value 20.0°C and then it gets converted to Fahrenheit and displayed in those units as 68°F ! Nothing I can do changes the widget, actually and frankly it’s not working… uploading using Cayenne.celsiusWrite(V3, sht30.cTemp) does not work either at least Cayenne.virtualWrite(V3, sht30.cTemp) does albeit with the conversion to F. I can’t believe anyone is using this service with such basic errors like this in it.