Temp sensor widget not functioning properly on web dashboard

On pi v 1 model B the widget for the temp wont let me save the changes to the widget. On the android it works an is showing the temp in celsius, but on the web dashboard it says celsius but is in F.

Hi Principal,

Thank you for your feedback and bringing this to our attention. Could you please provide some additional information. What type of temperature sensor / widget are you using? I see that you are viewing a specific project and not the default dashboard for the device itself. Did you change the settings on that specific project, or on the web dashboard? Changing the widget settings on a device dashboard does not change the widget settings of a project. So if you made the change on the Device Dashboard on the mobile app, it would not have the same appearance on the project. The project allows you to have custom dashboards besides just the basic dashboard of a specific device. This will allow you to save different versions of the widget.

The temp sensor is a DS18B20. It functions as expected on the mobile app but the web dashboard and the project show Fahrenheit even though they are set to Celsius. If I click save in the settings of the dashboard the dialog screen does not dissappear. This behavior is the same on both chrome and safari

@principal I believe you’re running into the same issue being discussed in this thread: DS18B20 Fahrnheit - Celsius

It’s at the top of our priority list for Community bugs and we’re expecting a fix shortly. I’ll update as soon as I know more.