Text Messages not being delivered

  • Device: LinkNode D1

  • What dashboard are you using? Web,and Android

  • Please describe the bug / issue as detailed as possible. Attaching the code and any relevant screenshots would be very helpful!
    I have 3 triggers set to send me a text when the condition is met. None of them is sending the text. I updated one of the triggers to also send an email when it is triggered. The email is working fine. The sensors are 2 physical switches on dorrs and one PIR sensor. I believe this is a Verizon issue (My cell service provider). I am having a simarlar issue at work with an SNMP program that alerts me of devices that go offline. This weekend they stopped delivering the text messages from my SNMP application. They are receiving the message to the Verizon servers, just not delivering them. I know this because we run our own email server and I can see the messages being accepted by Verizon.
    Verizon may be the problem but I would appreciate if you would take a look at this issue and see if it is something on your end. Thanks!

Hi @modsbyus,

Thank you for letting us know, after a test I can confirm it’s an issue on our end, nothing related to your other issues with Verizon. We should have this resolved shortly and I’ll update this thread at that time.

Hi again @modsbyus (and anyone else reading).

These should be working OK again now. Apologies for the downtime, and let me know if you suspect there is still an issue.


great job guys. Thank for you hard work.

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There was issue with credit card processing for our text message service provider :unamused: Sorry about that, but thanks for letting us know right away so we could resolve!


Hey Guys,

Sorry to open an old thread but i am having this issue as well, txt has been working fine all day however all of a sudden, none of my txt message triggers are working. i can confirm email notifications are still working perfectly.