Not getting mail or SMS after trigger


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    Generic ESP8266
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    After triggering I don’t get mail or SMS anymore. It worked perfect one week agoo. Did not change Phone number or mailadres in the meantime. On the chart data the pulses appear as usual.


Have you deleted and recreated widgets for those channels? There is currently a bug with that, but seems to be more general bugs right now as well. The new trigger engine should be released soon (hopefully about 2 weeks).


Hi Adam,

Thanks for your swift response!

A bit pitty because it really worked fine.

Indeed I tried to make a new trigger but that was unsuccessful.

Due to this problems a colleague accidently destroyed the Generic board, I will program a new one and try again.

Do I get a message as soon as the new trigger engine is online ?

Thanks again,



Do you mean that we should recreate the widgets, or that recreating them might have caused the problem?

I’m seeing the same thing. Widgets unchanged for at least a month, stopped sending SMS about a week ago.

I don’t want to whine too much about a free service, so if a fix is coming, I’m happy to wait.


Hi Adam,

I tried it with another Generic ESP826 board, connection with your server is no problem, creating triggers is no problem, in Chart can see the triggers I send on the chart but still not getting mail or text message.


Re-creating them would be the cause of the bug

What connection method are you using?

Has the trigger fired at all? Can you post a screen shot of the trigger settings along with the widget values where it should trigger?


Sorry I haven’t had a chance to follow up on the info you asked for. FYI, I did get a pair of notifications a few days ago, but it has since gone silent again.


@wjcarpenter @jos Would like to clarify, it’s just the notifications that are not working for you guys? The device to device triggers are working fine…



I don’t do any device-to-device triggers. I only trigger notifications based on reported data ranges.

The data is making it as far as the Cayenne server. When I view the chart of historical data or download the CSV, I can see the events that ought to trigger notifications, though with a couple of quirks:

  1. I have a pseudo-sensor that only reports values of -2 or +2 (basically, on or off). The plotted chart of historical data only goes to 0 on the Y-axis. I’m pretty sure it used to show the negative values, but it’s been a while since I looked at it.

  2. Some of the values in the CSV are not -2 or +2, but some value between. I assume that’s because the historical data only shows 1 point per minute, and it has interpolated sometimes. Could that interpolation affect notications?


Indeed, the devide triggers work perfectly but I don’t get a mail or txt anymore.


SMS started working again for me today. Maybe nudged by the new things announced?


Are you using a Raspberry Pi @wjcarpenter?


No, it’s an esp8266 with code based on a Cayenne sample I saw somewhere.


I am pretty much giving up on SMS notifications from Cayenne. After a couple months of silence, in mid-April I suddenly started getting an SMS about once a minute for one of my four triggers, but nothing from the other three. I turned that trigger off. A couple weeks went by, and today one of the other triggers started pestering me about once a minute.

I’ve silenced all my SMS triggers now. I have very little confidence that Cayenne will ever get it right, so I am looking around for another solution.


can you share the code, dashboard screenshot and trigger screenshot to provide some help with your problem.