The World's First International ESP8266 IoT Contest!


Hello Cayenne Community!

We’ve got another spectacular contest lined up for you, with some amazing partners: SparkFun, Espressif Systems, and the contest is hosted on

This contest is all about using the ESP8266 to create your IoT projects and simplify the connected world. Don’t worry, you can still use your Arduino’s, Raspberry Pi’s, and other microcontrollers in your projects. The requirement is that you must use at least one ESP8266. AND, if you submit your project idea to the contest page, then you could win a free ESP8266 from SparkFun.

Check out the full contest details below!

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Cayenne Twitter Contest: Win a Wemo Mini Smart Plug

Start to think about new Project :wink:


Hello @bestes
I am almost ready with the description of my idea and I have a question:

In “How to enter” description is written that we should create our IoT project using at least one ESP8266 board/module, and submit our project to the contest!

So I need to create the project and then to enter or?
I am asking because I only have an ESP8266 but not the needed hardware for my project?

Should I apply the idea and description of my project ot the forum? If yes - to which section?

Thank you:)


Start submitting those projects!

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