Automation Around the Home - Contest Guidelines

Win a FREE Trip to Maker Faire Bay Area 2017 to Showcase your Project!

Arduino is the go-to prototyping board for creating all kinds of IoT electronics projects and hacks. myDevices created the world’s first drag-and-drop IoT project builder - Cayenne - to bring these Arduino projects to life. From home automation to environmental monitoring and smart agriculture, Arduino and myDevices are pioneers in the IoT space; empowering millions of makers and developers across the world to easily build projects, prototypes, and solutions.

To honor all makers and developers, Arduino and myDevices have teamed up for an online project submission contest where the winner will receive an all-expenses paid trip to Maker Faire Bay Area 2017 to display their project in Arduino’s booth! There is no project too big or too small. Runner-ups will get first access to Arduino’s upcoming release of LoRaWAN™ enabled shields! The focus for this contest will be on Automation and Monitoring around the home.

Contest Begins
February 24th, 2017

Submission Deadline
April 10th, 2017

Winners Announced
April 14th, 2017


  • 1st place: All expenses-paid trip to Maker Faire Bay Area 2017

  • 2nd place: $200 USD + free shipment of Arduino LoRa node shield

  • 3rd place: $150 USD + free shipment of Arduino LoRa node shield

  • 4th place: $100 USD + free shipment of Arduino LoRa node shield

  • 5th place - 10th place: $50 USD

  • 11th place - 20th place: $25 USD

First 100 valid submissions will receive Arduino and Cayenne swag: t-shirts, bags, stickers, pins, etc.!

Project Submission Requirements

Project Focus: Automation and monitoring around the home.
Examples: temperature sensing, energy management, automatic or themed lighting, room occupancy, intrusion detection and other security monitoring, and plant, pet, or aquarium monitoring

  • Project must be portable to display in the Maker Faire booth

  • Project must be able to function unattended inside the booth

  • Must use Cayenne, myDevices’ IoT Project Builder. Sign up for free account, here.

  • Must use at least 1 Arduino board

  • Project must be submitted using template on the Cayenne community forum

Judging Criteria

  • Interaction of Arduino hardware and Cayenne software with various areas of the home

  • Use of Cayenne’s Triggers & Alerts and Scheduling features

  • Number of devices and sensors connected

  • Real world practicality and usability

You can meet the judges here.

Have questions? Need some help? We have Arduino + Cayenne experts ready to support you. Create a topic in the Cayenne Forum!

*All expenses-paid trip prize includes: Airfare/transportation to the event, lodging, meals, and Maker Faire event ticket. The total of this prize is not to exceed $1,000 USD. 1st place winner must be a resident in North America. All other prize eligibility is open to worldwide participation. Developer edition LoRa node shields will be sent when ready to ship. Only the first 100 valid project submissions are guaranteed Arduino & Cayenne swag prize awards.


I’m in- :slight_smile:
…do I get a Tee?
Black. 2XL. :wink:

This contest is in conjunction with the people who make Arduino boards, thus the requirement :slight_smile:

Glad you’re still interested Bill!

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Need to first submit a project be receive the Arduino + Cayenne swag :slight_smile: …but I am sending you a Tee anyway remember!


If you create a new topic in the contest category the template will populate for you :slight_smile:

Definitely will be a contender!


Would Linkit Smart 7688 DUO that run in Aruduino Yun mode be accept as arduino hardware?

Can I send more than one project to the contest?

Will get back to you on this :slight_smile:

Yes :slight_smile:


…do you mean the ones that come from Italy, -or the ones that come from China?
…because I can get a knockoff Uno for $0.75 . -what could possibly go wrong? :wink:

Can you provide more information about this point:

“Project must be portable to display in the Maker Faire booth”

Thank you

So project outside the USA are not eligible to participate?

Hi @ognqn.chikov,

Sorry for the late reply…I have been traveling internationally to Barcelona, Spain for a big tech conference to show-case Cayenne. I am back now.

Project outside North America are not eligible for the grand prize, since we are flying the grand prize winner to Maker Faire, this helps keep the cost of transportation down. However, you are most definitely eligible for all other runner-up prizes. I hope you will participate :slight_smile:


Yes I will :wink: Since i run my SHT10 sensor. Five days and no success.


Arduino creator is from Spain LUL
*edit: also there is another from Italia, but I am always sad that nobody knows the one from Spain :confused:
Massimo Banzi → Italia
David Cuartielles → Spain

I live about 45 minutes away. :wink:
…but you’ll pay for my return airfair if I fly to Hawaii? :slight_smile:

You, dear sir, are a creative thinker :slight_smile: And you are technically operating within the contest guidelines!


Oh, my. I haven’t technically entered.
I hope I get my submission in on time!

Am I able to join this contest?
Nothing to do make me bored.
The project must be complicated or as before?