Time issues

Hi, i have a problem where I have a temperature probe monitoring the temperature of my pond.

The only time it seems to make sense as far as “real time” is concerned is when the “H” TAG has been checked , anything else doesn’t make sense, am I reading it wrong, ?
I just get times that are random, and just don’t relate to the “H” tag, any ideas please. Thanks

Can you provide more details as in which device you are using, the code.

Hi sorry shramik
It’s a waterproof DS18B20

I guess you are checking the details and line charts. The data is shown as an average over the time if the data publish rate is high.

On the hour tag, it’s showing 08:21 to 09:14, which I understand. However why does it not show on this tag, the temperature from say 00:01 to 09:14.

And on the day tag, it’s showing 09:24 to 16:04, I just can’t get my head around why these readings, the time element don’t seem to have any correlation to the hour tag. Can you please help to try and explain . Thanks again

for hour tag it shows data for last 1hour and day tag show data for last 24hours. can you share the screenshot of what you are implying

Hi Shramik

I hope you can see these.


The hour one showed the last hour, so why doesn’t the day one show 9:12 to 9:12, this would then make sense as the hour one stopped at 9:12, so the 24 hour period woukd the time before 9:12, does this make sense?

let me check with issue by keeping a test device for 24hrs.

Hi both,
Thanks for taking time out to help, I really appreciate it, and in the end if it could be sorted, that would be great.
That said, getting as much support as I have from Shramik and others, for what is free software is amazing . So thanks for everyone’s input so far and I’ll keep watching to see how this develops