"Transfer" device or project

How about to make “Transfer device/project” button in settings of device or project, and after clicking that button, entering username or email of receiver, project isn’t yours anymore, but receivers? You have no trace of it anymore.
It could be used for non-tech users, they just need to open account. Someone who understands more about IoT and Cayenne defines units, sensors, actuators, maybe even triggers and schedule, and then transfer it to non-techie.

It could be good for spreading Cayenne more (IMHO).


But device is particular connected with ID and other credential stuff. Maybe would be difficult…

Exactly - it should transfer device ID, and everything that is connected to that ID (widgets). I think that only thing that can be really difficult is transferring triggers and scheduling. Triggers can also contain more than one device and/or widget, so that is, in my opinion, hard to transfer. Schedules are also a bit complicated, but, again my opinion, somewhat easier than triggers.

So, if it’s possible to make transferring just for devices and widgets, so be it :relaxed: