Trigger name not in notification

Device notifications don’t indicate the full details of the trigger.

If I have two triggers, one rising above 30deg C and one falling below 30deg C then it is impossible to determine which.

The email and sms notification should contain at least the following information: device name, trigger name, threshold, direction (above/below). The sensor name and the actual threshold value are useful/helpful but if limited space in a sms then could be omitted.

See screenshots for the current functionality with an email trigger:


I agree, more info there would help out in cases like this. It was also posted a while back but the ability to add a little note to send with the email would be nice, like “Hey you left the garage door open!”

@j.wark @adam These feature are coming! Hang in there, may be a two months before we can push them out but these have already been designed :slight_smile:

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