No trigger notifications

Hi, I used to get emails and sms when I added PIR sensor to Pi 3. Now I neither get emails nor SMS whenever the PIR detects the movement. I added my friend’s no. and it was sending SMS to his no., please help me to resolve trigger issue related to my no.


How many alerts per day were you getting previously?

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you might hit the trigger limit. can you check what is the trigger counter value?

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135 emails and 40-50 sms

How ?

can you try deleting and reading a new trigger.

I deleted the PIR , then added again but still theres neither sms no email has been sent to me.

can you create a new device on your dashboard and give it a try?

Which code ?

Did that too, but not sending any alert except detection

can you PM me your email_id, so i can test it at my end.

I do not receive email or SMS Notifications. Have prefixed mobile number with 011.
Trigger says it has sent.
Any ideas?

is your trigger counter incrementing.

Yes it is

can you private message me your cayenne account email id.

Hi Shramik. Any news on notifications?
Will they be reinstated?

will let you know when it is fixed.

Thank you.


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@john7 the email notification has been fixed.