Trigger/Schedule vs. Manual Actuation

I have a question regarding what command type takes priority in Cayenne. If I make a schedule for Light 1 to come on every day at 8AM-8PM but I go and manually turn Light 1 off at 8:30AM, will Cayenne keep the light off or will it recognize that the light should be on during the designated time period and turn it back on?

Similarly, if I set a trigger to turn Light 2 on between 20-23C and off outside of that range but I turn the light off manually at 21C, will it stay off until it goes outside and then comes back inside the range?

Hi @mdturner710,

Good questions.

Cayenne will keep the light off. The event will ‘fire’ at the specified time.

Mmm. No. After you manually turn the light off, then next time Cayenne receives a data reading (assuming that this data reading will be between 20-23), then the trigger would fire.

Make sense?