Trigger notification messages

I am trying to send email notification from Web dashboard using raspberry pi 3 device. Trigger is not working.

Welcome to cayenne community @ancrah. it will be great if you can provide more details about it.

sorry for the inconvenience caused, the trigger engine is currently down because of some bugs and will notify you once it is working.

@ancrah trigger engine is up and runnig. you can try it out now.


Just tried.

not working.

email not send.

your temperature should go above 50 to get an notification. can you share a screenshot of your dashboard.

using gmail account

there seems to be a problem with trigger specific to CPU, ram, temp widget. i will put it forward to the team and let you know.

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Trigger notification working with DHT11 sensor on Rpi!

Is the Trigger Engine for CPU, ram, temp widget still down?

it is not down but we have removed the trigger feature for this widget.