Triggers only work partially

Hallo again
Almost everything is working perfect. I have a problem with my triggers sending sms or mails to various recipients. For instance, is not working. Also, some telephone numbers are not notified when the trigger fires. The mail address I am sending this mail from and my mobile number +4179477…. are working fine. This number for example is not working +4179413…. Any idea why this happens?

you might have hit the limit Sending MQTT messages within notification limit

No, that seems not to be the problem some recipients, as I mentioned, are receiving mail and or SMS the others nothing at all it looks as they were blocked. In the past 6 months there were only 106 messages

how many recipients have you added and how many work from it?

In one case 6 telephone numbers and two mail addresses, my number and my mail are the only one working,

In another case only my number which is working fine and two mail addresses, one is working fine (the same as above) the other one (also the same as above) is not working

you have all 6 telephone numbers for a single trigger? why is that?

To make sure at least one can react if an alarm occurs.
But also, in the other case, if I have only one specific email address it is not working.

can you delete and create a new trigger with only email and number.

No Problem I will do so

Sms is working as always to my number, email fails (

do you have gmail id? can you try it.

With my other bluewin ad it works with no problem. For the other address It looks like blacklisted by your provider

yes, your id might have been blocked. can you continue with the other working id.

As there are other numbers concerned as well, this is unfortunately not possible. Is there a way for me to contact the provider of the sms service and discuss the issue with him?

sorry, but i cannot help you here.

anybody else to contact?


i meant i cannot help with this,

Ok thanks anyway, have a good time