Problem with the triggers

Hello everyone can you please help me,
before two months when I was using the triggers the notification I put where sent to my phone number and my email with no problems but now when I’m trying to use the same code and process the triggers are not working and I don’t receive any notification. Also, I have another problem when I try to turn on and off the valve using cayenne it does the valve does not response also when I try to add new device to cayenne I can’t use the triggers with it I don’t know why.

you might have hit the limit of 300 message per month.

can you provide more detail about this issue? i did not understand what you try to say.

ooh ok I didn’t know that I’m limited to 300 messages from where can I get like these specifications. Regarding the messages how can I put a delay in a way that we send only one message within one hour?

for 300 messages does it include all type of trigger? (notification and turning the devices(valve switch) on and off).

Thank you so much for your help and support

have a look at this code. it sends trigger data only once. if you need to send it once every hour you will have to add some extra code which handles it.

it is only for notification. for actuator trigger it is unlimited.

I could not find the code which you are asking me to look at it.