Trying to install on RPi3, errors


I am using Wheezy and I realize that it’s not supported any more. I’m just testing atm.

I followed the instructions here download and then sudo bash. Everything seemed to download fine, but got many errors that said “cannot change ownership to uid 0, dig 0, permission denied.”

Do I need to chmod a particular folder?

Bob Irving
Porter-Gaud School
Charleston, SC


Hi @bobirv and welcome to the Cayenne community.

You’re pretty much right on that this is probably due to the fact that we’re not testing against Wheezy anymore, and if you’re able to get past this initial error there may be others you run into. If you have a spare SD card I’d strongly recommend trying with Jessie or Jessie Lite to avoid the headache, and you wouldn’t have to kill your current Wheezy install if you’re using it for other things.

That said, if you can share some more or the command line output from running the sudo bash command, it would be clearer where you are in the install process and someone might have an idea for you to try to share here.