Two State Display dashboard bug in browser

Arduino Leonoardo (KMP ProDino)

Firefox Browser

The KMP ProDino “digital” inputs are actual analog inputs (A2-A5) so I am reading these and then converting them to a “state” for writing via a virtual write to the dashboard “two state display widget”

These work just fine EXCEPT if the device loses connection while an input is displaying ON on the two state widget. The analog values are being displayed on the dashboard and indicate all inputs OFF. Serial debug of the 4 input “states” all show 0 show all the input two state displays should be in the OFF state.

That input continues to display as ON when the device reconnects even if the input is OFF and is sending a virtual write to say its OFF.

Toggling the pin on (1) and back off (0) again corrects the display on the browser dashboard

Dashboard in mobile app seems to be not affected and displays correctly

Hi @tim2

Do you mind posting your sketch (please remove your personal token) so I can try to reproduce this on our end via the same method you’re using? You can PM it to me if you don’t want it on the public forum.