Analog inputs as digital inputs

I have a device where the “digital” inputs are actually inputs A2-A5 on my arduino based platform
I cant seem to select these as"digital" inputs on the dashboard widgets - any suggestions?
Maybe inputs A0-A7 could be added as “digital” inputs in the channel selection option - a lot of my arduino based platforms use the analog pins as digital inputs and would be nice to use the “two state” widget to show the input status rather than have to read the analog valuse, convert it to a state then write that state to a virtual channel to use the two state widget…

Or maybe I’ve missed something…quite possible!


You can do a generic widget on a virtual pin, is that what you’re looking for? I’m confused why you would use an analog input as a digital input though.

I am using analogs as digital inputs because thats what the arduino based hardware I am using is doing - using A2-A5 as DIGITAL inputs…not an issue in Arduino land - but it kinda is in Cayenne!

These devices are commercially made “arduino” mini “PLC’s” - I dont get a say in what pins do what

FYI - the devices I am using are the KMP Electronics ProDino and the Ocean Controls KTA-323
Both devices use analog pins for their “digital” inputs

so a simple way to “read” these as digital inputs in cayenne would be nice :wink: