UART Interface



for working with microcontrollers with the pi it would be helpful to read and write UART Data with Cayenne.
The workflow can be like:

  1. Setup UART Port (Baudrate, Stop Bits, etc.)
  2. Read / Write Data routine (like a command like interface)

For the workflow the user can decide to hold the UART open only as long as the browser is open, or to hold the uart port permanetly open :slight_smile:


Hi @tooony !

Sorry for the late response here. This has been brought up before, it’s a little big lower on our roadmap of features to implement on Cayenne, but I’d definitely like to do this at some point :slight_smile:



Is there a solution to use or embedd Cayenne My Devices to my project? I have an industrial Temperature and Humidity monitoring solution, that working fine now. I use client(s)-server infrastructure. I think we should use Cayenne for more flexibility on device use. I want to use exclusive UART for communication with my TDAQ3 module (enhanced I/O hardware that’s read 8 dht11/22 and 12 ds18x20 sensors with long wire, up to 200m…). It’s possible to use Cayenne full UART/serial facilities (now i use pyserial)? Please take a look on this project:
Many thanks!