Ultrasonic_Triguer_Motor_Use IF

I try to demonstrate how to use benefits of trigger resources by joining three applications with no physical connection between them.

My main intention is to use and share knowledge using the resources I discover, giving them a teaching method, but also show how it could have practical use, for example this project, could be used to detect the level of liquid in a Reservoir, and connect or not a pump to keep the reservorio full.

I’ve connected an ESP8266 that checks the distance between an object and the sensor, an Arduino Nano that controls an engine, and a relay module of which I’m using only one relay.

Hardware, sensors, actuators, device model, WiFi, etc

Arduino Nano, DC 6V Motor, Ultrasonic Sensor, HC-SR04, Relay Module


Photo of the Project


Code: Ultrason.txt (2,5 KB)