I’m looking to purchase the unipi addon board for a tidy solution to control and office block for a full bms solution. I’m looking to use the , 0-10v analog inputs and outputs that unipi has built in to the board along with relays and 1wire sensors etc. I just want to know if this board will be compatible with your software . If it is this well
be amazing for future projects as alternative cheap solutions for building management ,as your software is really easy and good to use


Hi John,

Welcome to the Cayenne community! And thanks for bringing this up.

In the future, we’re going to allow users to bring on any boards or extension/shield (like the UniPi), without having to rely on the Cayenne team to integrate said board into the platform.

This is some months away, but is very high on our roadmap.


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When released Support for Arduino?
I’m looking forward very much.