Unofficial Workaround for Jessie Lite! [EDIT: Jessie Lite now supported


Thanks used this on Jessie light raspberry Pi b install on two diff pi’s


This is great! Thanks for letting us know :slight_smile:



I have been having a lot of success with Rasparian Stretch FULL on Pi Zero(w) but have had no success with ‘Lite’ version. Seems it would be a pretty minor thing to ID what package or link in the chain is missing ?

Fresh Card, Most recent download on Fresh SDFormatted card (that works perrrrrrrrfectly with Strech Full)…

We are monitoring ‘Little Blue’ Penguins in nestting burrows Port Taranaki NZ using remote temperature (DS18B20) and MQTT Into Serial Telemetry.

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what error are you getting while installing? Also why dont you use esp8266 in place pi.


Unless you’re using a pi camera for a time lapse I’d agree with using some kind of Arduino compatible device. Makes it a lot more simple and reliable.


Thanks for ideas. Reason for Pi is this is part of a ‘Real’ reality educational system where we are doing all sorts of low level stuff using the Pi as we can do circuits, GPIO Pins, Scratch, Python, Minecraft. The Pi is great as it is a crossover desk top + micro all in one and is a very ‘open’ system. We are wrapping in CS concepts from bit level thru to making data packets with error detection, serial data. We are using ultra low hand made sensor devices that can communicate over long range into the environment to monitor little blue penguins over 100’s of meters / km data links running off ultra cheap uPower sensors with bits of fence wire and drain pipes - $2 Solar garden light / 3xAA batteries for a few years kind of thing.
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Makes sense. Have you tried since the agent 2.0 was released?


@picaxe1 what errors are you getting while installing cayenne? Can you provide the output result from terminal.


Downloaded latest Raspbian Stretch Lite Minimal image based on Debian Stretch Version: June 2018
Format Clean Neww SD Card
sudo apt update
sudo apt upgrade
sudo apt install python3-dev
Tweaked the usual sudo raspi-config for local settings, ssh and serial port (for my project)
Straight forward install onto the Pi Zerow from ssh / cmd line
= All Good
~ Andrew


nice to hear that you have it working now. let us know if you need any future help for your project.