"Upgrade to Arduino Legacy agent 2.0 required"

Does this explain why my Arduino Uno just went no response at approx 16:00 CST today?

Hi @margettepv,

You’re quick :slight_smile:

Short answer, yes. We just released some new updates a few minutes ago. One of which is transitioning from an older Arduino library to a newer MQTT based one. Our intention was not to have a hard cut-off, and still let people see data from ‘older’ arduino devices. Let me look into why data stopped sending. It’s happening on my Arduino’s too.

Regardless, you should begin migrating your Arduino to use our new more reliable libraries:


I was intending to change to MQTT after you got the triggers sorted out. This was the only device that had working triggers. I hope you can make things work for the Arduinos again as this one is 40 miles away doing it’s thing. (Or was)
But this is a free service and I definitely understand that. :slight_smile: Cayenne does ROCK!

Hi John,

Thanks for understanding and hey, you ROCK!

Try refreshing your Cayenne dashboard, the widget should refresh to show the latest value. It looks like what’s not showing is the live updates, but your sensor history should still be there.

We’ll moving move our ‘older’ triggers engine to a shiny new one fairly soon as well. Triggers will be fixed, it’s just a matter of time.



P.S. triggers should still work.

Benny do you mean refresh the browser? I tried that and nothing updates to current values. Or am I missing something else? Firefox, Chrome, and Chromium browsers all on Linux.

I also found problems in the last hours, and by chance I was working on arduinos today.

I’m still trying to connect the platform normally.

I’m doing some testing, changing the page, restarting the hardware and software

but this change is something very good, keep everything in the cayenne. easier to organize.

thank you.

Hi, I just found out about the update.

can you help me please?

What should I change if I used to have an ESP8266 device with an arduino one through the “classic” connection?

attach the code, greetings!

code ESP8266_ARDUINO.txt (1.7 KB)

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I hope it hasnt been a hard cutoff as I have a heap of leonardo based devices that I simply cant make the new MQTT library fit AND do what they did on the Arduino Cayenne library!!!

Hello. with this update I can no longer use the ports as before?
all the doors will have to be virtual
I really did not understand the new functions.
I also have some arduinos connected to a network shield.

Good morning, I have a project at 375 miles, there’s no way I can upgrade to the MQTT project via the internet through the w5100?

Wait, I thought this was done. or not?

“Esp8266 Users: This post applies to you as well if you were connecting your ESP8266 device through our original Arduino option. The only change would be to grab the Cayenne-MQTT-ESP8266 library instead of the Arduino one linked in step #1 below”

Not a hard cut-off :slight_smile:

Hi @aniederauer,

You can still use ports as before and any network shields. Check out this post: Converting Cayenne Arduino LIbrary sketches to Cayenne MQTT Arduino

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There is but I think only if you used the Arduino web ide when you uploaded your code. Else, you need to physically upload new code to your Arduino.


Yes, I did send it to the Arduino by the create editor, but it recognizes the COM port and uploads it to the board. My question would be if I can perform an upgrade on the board via ethernet w5100?

Yes you should be able to. When is the next time you can physically go out to your project?


Anything new to report on this? Note all widgets read the same.

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have a look at this Converting Cayenne Arduino LIbrary sketches to Cayenne MQTT Arduino