Arduino library shutdown

I’ve read in several places on the forums of the MQTT conversion for Arduinos and the Arduino library shutdown. Yet I can’t find any announcements that stated what this is all about or when. Does this mean an Arduino not installed as a BYOT is being phased out? I’m new to Cayenne and Auduinos so please excuse my ignorance.

Hi @margettepv,

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We can put an announcement on the forums, not sure why it wasn’t done already.

Yes this is correct. We are phasing out the ‘older’ Arduino library for a newer mqtt based one. So here’s what I would do. Install the Cayenne mqtt library directly from Arduino IDE, like this picture.

Hope this helps.


Thanks for the reply Benny!
If you “Add new_Microcontroller_ Arduino” using a token, is that MQTT?
It appears not. If so, why is that option still there? As you can see I’m still a bit confused. :slight_smile:

No, that path is for adding the old Blynk method. For MQTT you want to click add new>device/widget>bring your own thing. That will give you all your credentials for the MQTT connection and you can connect anything that supports MQTT!

Did some Blynk Googling. I think I’m starting to figure out the different options. For someone just walking up to Cayenne for the first time it all can be a bit overwhelming. This is coming from an old electronic tech, not a lot experience in the IOT world, yet. :slight_smile:
Thanks Adam & Cayenne forum for your patience!

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