Use a sensor multiple times in a project

I would like to see a DS18S20 sensor in a graph for a week overview but I would also like to see the same sensor as a value in the same project.



I don’t know if things are supposed to work this way or not-
I have multiple widgets on the same dashboard for one DS18B20. All I did was the normal path to add a device (Add new…> Device > Sensors: Temperature > DS18B20) and put the same info in for each widget.

The result-

One sensor, several data views. YMMV.

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Hi Ian
I have two sensors which were autodetected in the project, but when I add a sensor manually as you described it fails (slave address 10-0008022e0e17)
Also drag and drop substitutes the first graph only.

I think your problem is that an the one wire sensor that you are trying to add is not a DS18B20. The one wire family code 10 belongs to the 18S20, and each family uses a separate set of command codes.

I’ll try to replicate what I did and clarify my description to you. If it works I’ll get some screen grabs. Won’t be able to do it until tomorrow though, sorry.


fhem and all python scripts are working fine with this sensor and cayenne autodetect too…

Well then, I’m wrong.
That’s never happened before :slight_smile:


Hey @markus.schmiederer,

So we are still working on UX for ‘officially’ adding multiple widgets to the same sensor. As @Ian mentioned, there is a workaround for several of the sensors. I’ve not had experience adding that specific 1-wire sensor, so I’m not sure if it should work the same as the DS18B20.

Adding this to our road map so we can track it.

See you around!


Thank’s sounds great!
fyi the sensors were autodetected and are running without any issues… that confuses me.

Hi, Any news about this feature. I can’t use my sensors several times.



Hi @francesco_talotta, welcome to the Cayenne Community.

My workaround suggestion would be to pass the same sensor data to multiple virtual pins (or multiple MQTT channels), then you’ll definitely be able to get multiple independent widgets for the same data so you can view one as a graph and one as a gauge, etc.

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