Cayenne Project Submission Contest Winner

Hello Cayenne Community!

We announced a project submission contest in March of this year to win a trip to Maker Faire Bay Area with the Cayenne team. We’ve looked at each project submitted in the ‘Projects made With Cayenne’ category, as well as projects submitted through the email address.

The Cayenne team would like to congratulate @gamoxristos for his winning project: Automation for Domestic Hot Water Boiler, Heat Pump, Solar Collectors and multiple tanks (DWC and buffer). You can check out his project here. Since we are not able to transport and display the project at Maker Faire, we will be awarding a $500 Amazon gift card. Congratulations @gamoxristos!

Additionally, we’ll be sending Cayenne t-shirts for every project that has been submitted, as well as a Raspberry Pi 3 to the three runner-ups! We’ll reach out individually to everyone to obtain addresses for the t-shirt delivery.

Thank you all for your participation!

~ The Cayenne Team


Cool stuff! Congrats Gamoxristos!

Thank you all for your help and support.Sorry for my occasional periods of absence but I have been really busy lately. Hopefully I will find time to get involved with the project the next few days, bringing up updates, new photos and things to discuss. Thanks again, see you around!


Well done! Congratulations on the win!