Vegetronix Sensors (soil ) support


I am trying to make a automated garden watering and sensor system and support for
these sensors would be awesome,
these would need to be used with a a/d conv to work with the pi


That is a cool website!

So what we’re working on right now is giving you the ability to add any sensor you’d like. This way, the Cayenne team is not inhibiting cool projects like your automated garden watering and sensor system. Admittedly, it would be very hard for us to integrate every sensor request that is brought to us :slight_smile:

If you’re interested, I can send you a doc that describes how to getting started writing device drivers for the vegetronix sensors…



please do … this system is awesome to work with so far but the limitation is adding sensors.

So send away and i’ll get to work.


Just sent email.



Does this document cover any soil sensor that would be possible to connect to the RPi?

I have the same issue when designing my greenhouse watering system i.e I would like to use soil sensors as an input for deciding when it is time to start the water pumps.



Just emailed you the doc. The doc would allow you to bring almost any sensor into Cayenne. We are working on Arduino integration right now, so if you can find the library for the specific sensor, you’d be able to get it working in Cayenne through an Arduino.



whats the status of the arduino support? need a tester for it ?


Going through some final testing before releasing the first iteration of Arduino integration. We’ll likely be doing an ‘easter egg’ release to all users. This first release will be functional, but not feature complete…hence the ‘easter egg’ release. I’ll be sure to let you know how to start using it though once it’s available! Definitely need some Beta testers from the community to help us out. Cayenne swag provided :slight_smile: Keep you updated



Just playing around with this beautiful project tool, excellent!

How could I get a copy of the said document about adding my own sensors, would love to test run more existing sensors on hand.


Hey Patrick,

Welcome to the Cayenne Community! Glad you are liking Cayenne. I just sent you an email with the documentation.



I would appreciate if that doc is available also to me :slight_smile: i will like to write DHT 11/12 sensor library for ones who need it like me



Vegetronix has solved the problem of interfacing sensors to the SDI-12 bus by creating a small SDI12 Sensor Translator board which contains all of the necessary functionality. The SDI-12 Sensor Translator p powers the sensor, and samples it with a high resolution ADC when it receives a measurement command from an SDI compliant data logger. The SDI-12 Sensor Translator handles all of the communication, and power down features of the SDI-12 protocol.

Figure 2 shows a connection diagram for utilizing the SDI-12 Sensor Translator. Single sided or differential outputs of up to 3 different sensors are tied to the inputs of SDI-12 Sensor Translator.In addition, for custom orders, the SDI12 Translator can sample One-Wire devices such as the Dallas DS18B20 temperature sensor. The Translator contains connection points for power, ground and the SDI-12 data line.

Heres how to work whit SDI protocol


Just sent you the documentation!


This is a great system. I would like to add more sensor support. Could you send me the relevant docs as well please?



Sure thing, just reached out via email.



Hi, would love this document too. Thanks