Video of using Triggers to Alarm if high Temp and send notification

I setup a Temp setting to trigger an alarm if the Temp inside of a Freezer went above a set point (Recently had a freezer get unplugged and lost all of the contents as nobody knew/remembered it was not working), send a text and light up a remote LED.

Uploaded to You Tube.




Very cool! Great project and video!

Thanks for sharing with the group.


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This is awesome Ed! Hope it’s okay if I pass this to our Marketing team and we post it to our Cayenne website.

By the way, you mentioned in the video that it was just a prototype. If you end up getting the full project done, or even if you don’t, you can enter it here :slight_smile:

See you around,


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Thanks for the feedback Ian…Ed

Bestes, no worries on sharing with Marketing.
Thanks for the feedback.
Still in Prototype mode as I’m adding more features and testing as I go.
I want to also add a water detector to the in the crawl space as it will flood with heavy rains and start the sump pump with notification. Also trying to have an Outside Air Temp trigger a set of valves to close when below 34 degrees to shut off garden house outlets and prevent freezing pipes and avoid the annual trip to put those stupid Styrofoam things on.