Video Tutorials You Would Like to See

Hi All,

Just got back from an extremely busy week at CES. I’ll be devoting some time now to creating some video tutorials, etc. for Cayenne. If you have something specific in mind, post it here and I’ll be sure to cover it. Thanks!


I think this would be very helpful.

1/. A screen / vid capture intro with voice over of how the system is used and interacted with in general.

2/. Video as above, suggest voice over…

  • Using the Dashboard
  • Adding a generic IP and OP
  • Using the GPIO
  • The Options Tab - what do those toggle switches do…

I think that this would save us (me at least) a lot of time as I feel I am missing the point crashing about just trying hard to make it work as I ‘think’ it is supposed to work.

Thanks and look forward to some ‘tutes’

~ Andrew

Thanks for this Andrew!