Watchdog in the data center

About This Project

This project is designed for the checking the status at the data centre. It is controlling the the temperature (down an up limits), light and move.
There are two station - watchdog and monitor
Watchdog is inside the data center and watch next:

  • temperature from 15 to 30 degree of Celsius - it is normal, over 30 degree - a problem with air condition or fire, under 15 degree - window is open or problem with air condition

  • light sensor - anybody is inside or forgotten light up

  • pir sensor - anybody is inside

Monitor is in my office and has four LED diode:

  • Orange - pir sensor is / was up

  • Red - temperature over 30 degree

  • Blue - temperature under 15 degree

  • Yellow - light is / was up
    The LED stands light, I can see, that anybody went wrong, when I was not here. Then I can turn the light over Cayenne desktop.

What’s Connected

I use for this project two old RaspBerry Pi - for the watchdog station RPi B+ and for the monitor RPi B
Two breadboard
Four LED diode
BMP180 temperature sensor
PIR motion detector
Photo resistor connected to the MCP3008

Triggers & Alerts

I use the triggers for lighting all of the LED
Turning off the LEDs is made manually



Dashboard Screenshots

Photos of the Project

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This is a cool project. I’ve often thought about doing this and adding an LCD display with a select button to easily see temp, humidity, etc while there.