Watteco device


when i add a watteco smartplug or a watteco temp sensor


I don’t have any information in the cayenne interface.
How can i add/customize payload information?

Edit 01/12/2017 : my temp/hum device have new features this morning. But the smartplug not…

Have you configured the standard report of your Smart Plug with a downlink ?
See “Configure a standard report on the consumption of the remote SmartPlug” Smart Plug

Were you able to figure this out?


thanks for the reply.
I stopped to work on LoRa project temporary.

I doesn’t suceed to do the downlink on TTN so I can’t configure my smartplug.

I will try again in february


I also use Cayenne to monitor NKE devices (registered on TTN)

I have just written a tutorial on TTN, about NKE devices : https://www.thethingsnetwork.org/labs/story/monitoring-nke-watteco-devices-on-cayenne

Downlinks can be sent from TTN to NKE devices.
Write the downlink payload for your TTN device in your TTN account :

In this example, I configure the Smart Plug to send standard reports every 30"

Use only FPort 0 (or 125)

Smart Plug configuration frames are described on NKE web site : http://support.nke-watteco.com/power-quality-cluster/#Current

As TTN doesn’t manage class C, downlink configuration frame will be sent as response to the next uplink frame from Smart Plug.
To send uplink frame from your Smart Plug, you can put Smart Plug in ReAssociation mode, either :

  • press 3 times the user button
  • unplug and re-plug the Smart Plug from power supply